DPF Manager is the most advanced TIFF
conformance checker for digital preservation

We are creating a strong open source community of experts with a common interest: FILE FORMAT VALIDATION for DIGITAL PRESERVATION
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Digital preservation needs to go beyond

TIFF structure

Gain full control over the technical properties and structure of TIFF images.

Check ISO compliance

Check ISO compliance of TIFF/EP and TIFF/IT files. Receive errors and warnings regarding ISO compilance.

Policy checker

Define your own acceptance criteria. Validate the TIFF images based on user defined policy rules.

Metadata fixer

Include or remove metadata inside the TIFF files. Work with different metadata containers including EXIF, XMP, IPTC

Digital preservation

Get a report about the suitability of the image for Long Term Preservation.


Get multiple reports in different formats, including HTML, XML, JSON, for different purposes.


DPF Manager is suitable for different scenarios. Working as standalone application, client-server or command-line all in a single APP


DPF Manager is distributed for multiple platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac).


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It's important for DPFManager to provide documentation to its users, but documentation means different things to different people.

Here on DPFManager documentation you will find three types of documentation:

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If you have any problem and the documentation is not enough we have several channels where you can ask for help:


Thank you for your interest in contributing to DPFManager,
there are multiple ways and places you can contribute.


DPF Manager is open source software licensed for sustainability and reuse in accordance with PREFORMA’s requirements. The two licenses used are:

  • MPL v2+
  • The Mozilla Public License v2+ allows covered source code to be mixed with other files under a different, even proprietary license. Code licensed under the MPL must remain under the MPL, and freely available in source form.

  • GPL v3+
  • The GNU General Public License v3 guarantees users the freedom to run, study, share (copy), and modify the software. The copyleft quality of the GPLv3 requires those rights to be retained.

Code contributions

DPF Manager is an open source project and the code is available on GitHub. If you'd like to add a new feature to DPFManager, just fork the repository and send us a pull request!

See the contributing guide for more information and for an introduction into the development workflow. Before any contribution can be accepted and be part of the project, it needs to be reviewed by existing collaborators in accordance to the guidelines established by the DPF Manager Development team.

Reporting an Issue

Whenever you encounter something that doesn't work as it should, we'd love it if you could file a bug report on GitHub issues.

Make sure to include a detailed description of the issue and the steps needed for reproducing it. Attaching an image makes this even easier for us.

Get detailed instructions on how to file a good bug report in our bug reporting guide.

Become a collaborator

Active members of the community that provide consistent high quality contributions, have excellent communication skills, who are excited to work on DPF-Manager and interested in its quality and future can become collaborators.

Individuals can self-petition for a Collaborator status by submitting as an issue. In order to be considered self-nominations must be sponsored by an existing collaborator.

Get Help

We have several Forums where you can ask for help on anything related to DPF Manager:

Another way of getting help is to chat in the IRC channels. See IRC for more information about connecting to our IRC servers.

Stack Overflow is a popular Q&A site where users can ask questions about software development, make sure your questions have the DPF-manager tag.

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DPF Manager is promoted by Easy Innova, the Digital Humanities Lab of the University of Basel and the Agents Research Lab of the University of It is supported by many memory institutions.

DPF Manager has been created in parallel with Tiff Library 4J, an open source TIFF library for java.

This initiative has been boosted by PREFORMA, a PCP project that aims to address the challenge of implementing good quality standardised file formats for preserving data content in the long term.